Cutting pauses for long periods of time

Issue Description

The cutting process pauses for prolonged periods of time (up to several minutes at a time) and the power light flashes. The cutting action resumes eventually. Most commonly, the Original Silhouette is in use.


This problem is due to a large data stream being sent to the Silhouette machine. This can be due to any of the following contributing factors:

The image size The image intricacy (overall line length and number of points or nodes in the job) The presense of content outside of the cutting area, which is also being processed (even though it is not being cut) The cut settings in use

This has nothing to do with the processing speed or ability of the computer, but rather the Silhouette machine itself. The power light flashing indicates that the Silhouette is on standby and will resume cutting after a few moments.


To resolve the concern, remove any additional content that may appear outside of the cutting area and try to cut the job again. Alternately, a brand new document can be started and any content that appears in the cutting area can be copied from the original document and copied into the new document. Make sure to only copy and paste the content that is actually placed inside the cutting area.

If this does not resolve the concern and the Original Silhouette model is in use, slow down the cutting Speed setting in the Silhouette Studio® software program to 3 (or lower). Slowing the speed will resolve the issue by sending a slower data stream. The Silhouette should no longer stop in the middle of the job. This should not be necessary for all images or thickness settings. It only needs to be performed for jobs where the Silhouette appears to stop and goes on standby (the power light flashes) in the middle of the job.