Cut has vertical gaps appearing down length of the page

Issue Description

Vertical gaps appear down the length of the page. The resulting cut shows the blade did not appear to be cut well or at all in these specific vertical areas.

Exampe: The following highlighted areas do not appear to be cut out in the resulting cut job.


The blade is not fully seated and so is bumping against the rubber stoppers or white pinch rollers during operation.


The following steps may be taken to resolve thie concern:

Remove the blade from your Silhouette by unlocking the blade and pulling it up and out
NOTE: It is important to fully remove the blade. Place the blade back into the holder Prior to locking the blade back into place, twist and push the blade down to make sure it is seated all the way down in the holder (while holding the lock lever in place so that the blade does not tap up and down) Ensure the collar of the blade rests flush against the lip of the blade holder receptacle Ensure that the blade's fin is pointing forward (in the 6 o'clock position) in order to make sure that the blade is seated properly