Commercial licenses for download content

Commercial Use Policy

Designs offered through the Silhouette Design Store are protected by copyright and are owned by Silhouette America or its licensors. All digital designs are available for personal use. Some digital designs are available for commercial use also. Commercial use is defined as using the digital design in any physical project, product, artwork, etc. that is intended for resale or commercial use. Under no circumstances are you allowed to resell or distribute the files associated with digital designs offered by Silhouette.

If you plan to use your Silhouette to create products which you will sell or use for commercial purposes using content from the Silhouette Design Store, you must purchase a commercial license for the images in question. If a commercial license is unavailable for a design, that design is limited to personal use only. The commercial license fee covers only the specific image in question being purchased at that rate. The royalty-free license fee is a flat one-time payment per image based on the number of units you will produce for resale. It is structured as follows:

commercial pricing

EXAMPLE: If you plan to produce 50 scrapbook page kits using a shape from the Silhouette Design Store, you will need to purchase the commercial license allowing 1-100 units. If you plan to cut vinyl wall art for your customers and plan to produce 150 units, you will need to purchase the license that allows 101-1000 units. 

You may, of course, use the Silhouette to produce original projects for the purpose of reselling products made by the Silhouette so long as it is not a replication of an image offered by our company or its licensors. Alterations to original images offered from Silhouette America could constitute an "original" modified design if the alterations are significant enough. If the image is not recognizably taken from the original art, then there is no problem with such use. Alternately, it is permissible for individuals to reproduce non-commercial licensed images offered by our company or its licensors made with the Silhouette for any individual, organization, or event so long as it is not with the intent of re-sale purposes.

How to obtain

If you desire to purchase an image for commercial use, please visit the Silhouette Design Store and search for the image in question. You may then find whether or not that particular shape is offered with a Commercial License option by clicking on the image to view the details page. If a commercial license is offered, you may add the image to your cart to purchase the desired commercial license level and proceed to check out. Your purchase of the commercial license option grants you the legal permission to proceed to use the image.


We are working to allow customers who already own a shape to upgrade and purchase a commercial license for the image in question. In the meantime, you may upgrade any image that has already been purchased  to a commercial license option by doing the following:

Open the Silhouette Studio® software Go to the Silhouette Design Store Log out of your account (by clicking on your email address listed at the top of the store) Navigate to the desired image Add it to your card with the desired commercial license option Log back into your account and proceed to check out