Can't see lines of images on screen

Issue Description

The Silhouette Studio® software program can be run, but when images are opened from the library or text is created, they do not appear on the screen or are very faint. The bounding box showing the measurements can be seen clearly, however, when the object is selected. The user may also indicate that the image must be filled before they can see it.


There is a setting called Antialiasing which controls how lines are displayed on screen in order to try and make the lines appear to be more smooth (as they would be in the actual resulting cut). The computer's graphics card driver is not able to handle the Silhouette Studio® software's attempt to optimize how images are displayed on screen with the default Antialiasing setting.


The feature causing the concern can be disabled in the Preferences settings by doing the following:

Go to the Edit menu (PC) or Silhouette Studio menu (Mac) Go to Preferences Go to Display Set Antialiasing to "Off" Click OK Exit and re-open Silhouette Studio®