Blade doesn't lift OR doesn't lower during the cutting process

Issue Description

The blade is not lifting during the cutting process between line segments and so creates a continuous cut line OR the blade is not lowering during the cutting process either immediately (when it is supposed to drop down) or doesn't drop down at all during the cutting process.


This error may be caused by the following reasons:

The original USB cord (5 ft USB cord) supplied with the Silhouette is not in use There is not a direct connection between the Silhouette and the computer tower/laptop (i.e. the USB cord is being run through a hub, USB extension cord, through a monitor or keyboard USB port, etc) There is blue packing tape that has not been removed from the blade housing mechanism The blade lifting/lowering mechanism is getting stuck during the cutting process


Begin by ensuring that the original USB cord is in use. If there is not a direct connection, change the connection of the cord from the USB hub (or other indirect connection) and connect it directly to the computer's tower USB port or laptop USB port.

Once the above has been confirmed, check for the presence of any blue packing tape remaining on the blade carriage. If any such is present, remove it as such can cause concerns with the blade mechanism working properly.

If all above points have been checked, perform the following steps:

Power off the Silhouette Remove the blade from the Silhouette Push down the blade holder (as though the blade was being lowered during the cutting process) As the blade is being pushed down, spray a small amount of silicone spray (such as WD40) or graphite spray into the exposed portion of the blade holder mechanism which goes up and down