Barcode Scanning (Business Edition)

Feature Overview

The Silhouette CAMEO® 3 model is equipped to scan specialized barcodes that are created within Silhouette Studio®. You may create Print & Cut jobs that include special printed barcodes. Whenever you scan a unique barcode associated with a design you had created, it will automatically be cut as you had originally set it up.

How to add Silhouette Barcodes:

Ensure your CAMEO 3 is connected to your computer (requires internet connection) Open Silhouette Studio® Open the Page Setup Panel Select the Registration Marks tab Select the 'Type 1' Registration Mark style Check the 'Enable Barcode on this design' Print your design 
Note: this will update the barcode with any changes you have made to the design

How to use printed documents with Silhouette Barcodes:

Load you printed design with the barcode into your CAMEO 3 Open your SEND Panel and choose your settings Click the 'SEND' tab to show the CAMEO 3 illustration Click the 'Barcode' button (located next to the Start button)

Your CAMEO 3 will then scan the barcode and cut the design.

This feature allows you to create various multiple jobs which can then later be fed into the CAMEO 3 to find all of the information that was set up for your job.