Automated Weed Line feature (Business Edition)


The Silhouette Studio® Business Edition provides a Weed Settings tool. This feature provides the option to create weed lines within open line paths for easier weeding of materials such as vinyl and heat transfer. Options include a surrounding weed line border as well as internal weed lines inside the design's open spaces (such as within letters) to provide an easy method of removing excess material after the completion of the cut job.

How To

The Weed Settings panel can be found when running the Business Edition in the upper right-hand side of the screen:

The following options are available in the Weed Settings panel:

Show Weed Border - This option enables an automated weed border to be created around the entire cut job.

Padding - The option will adjust the padding dimension to add or remove spacing between the border and the included weed border.

Weed Lines - The Weed Lines option provides an option to include internal weed lines, as they may be possible to include for the image.

All weed borders and internal weed lines are automated and adjusted as alterations are made to the placement or sizing of objects.

All weed borders and lines are displayed in blue: