AutoBlade not adjusting automatically when job is sent


AutoBlade is not automatically adjusting to the desired blade level when a job is sent.


One of the following is occurring:

The AutoBlade is not selected properly in the software as the tool being used A machine other than the CAMEO 3 is being used


Please check the following to confirm the AutoBlade is set up properly for use:

Ensure the AutoBlade has been placed into the left-hand tool holder of the CAMEO 3 tool
***NOTE: The AutoBlade will only work in the left-hand tool holder slot of the CAMEO 3. No other blade types are able to automatically adjust.*** Open the Silhouette Studio® software program Go to the "Cut Settings" panel (V3) or "SEND" tab (V4) Select your material type Select the tool type drop-down and select the "AutoBlade" option Proceed to send your job to the Silhouette to be cut

With the blade in its proper position and the "AutoBlade" selected in the software, your blade should now be automatically adjusted as jobs are sent to be cut with the CAMEO 3 model.

We have also found that the AutoBlade may sometimes slightly raise when locking the blade in place with the lock lever. If raised, the AutoBlade will not tap into the adjustment slot correctly, meaning that the cut depth is not changing in accordance with the cut settings.

To resolve this error, please open the lock lever and press your AutoBlade all the way down into the tool holder, ensuring that it is completely seated as far down as possible in the holder. Keep one finger on top of the blade to ensure that it does not raise up, and then re-lock the lock lever with your other hand.