Arcing text


Text can be placed along an curved line in order to create an arced effect for text. The Text to Path feature (which would include the ability to fit text onto a rounded or arced path) may be found when creating text in the Silhouette Studio® program.

How To

The Text to Path feature may be found when creating text. You may do the following to create this effect:

Create a circle (or other curved image) Create the desired text While in the Text Editing mode (where the text is surrounded by a green editng box), locate the small control point on the lower left-hand side of the text box Click and hold down on this control point Move your text onto the circle (or other curved image)

This feature can be used to drag text onto any line path, but works best when using an arced or circle pattern.

Further information on using the Text to Path feature may be found in the User's Manual on page 23 (found through the "Help" menu in the Silhouette Studio program).

A video showing this feature is shown below: