Ai/CDR file capability (Business Edition)


The Silhouette Studio® Business Edition provides the ability to open Ai, EPS, and CDR files directly which have been created from other major vector imaging software programs (such as Adobe Illustrator® or CorelDraw®).

The Designer Edition does not provide the ability to save as Ai, EPS, or CDR files.

How To

To access this feature in the Business Edition, go to the File menu and select Open. If on a PC, you will need to select the file type you are seeking to open and select the Ai, EPS, or CDR option.

You may either select to cut by layer and simply enable the desired layers, or opt to cut by line color and either enable the "no color" line to be cut or re-color your lines as desired using the Line Color tool.

You may alternately opt to use the Silhouette Connect™ program to cut these files from their native software programs.