Advanced Cut Settings


The Silhouette Studio® (V3.0 and higher) offers select Advanced Cut Settings options. These can be found by going to the Cut Settings panel:

How To

Once in the Cut Settings panel, you may scroll to the bottom and click on the arrow next to Advanced to expand the options. The following options are available under the Advanced Cut Settings.

After Cut Job options - The Return to Origin option will simply return the material back to the original starting point after the job is completed. The Feed option will continue to feed the material forward beyond the original point of origin.

Layer Sorting - The No Sort option will retain your images as originally laid out while the Group Layers by Condition will sort your images according to any layers that exist in the document.

Cut Line Sorting - This series of options allows you to control the cutting order of your job. The No Sort option will not take any special order action and will simply cut your images according to their layout. The Maximize Speed option will set the cutting order to cut the job as quickly as possible. The Minimize Roller Movement option will cut the job according the least amount of back and forth roller movement possible to aid in the cutting of more delicate materials where decreased roller movement may be beneficial. The checkbox option for Sort Interior Contours First allows you to control whether the interiors of images will be cut first (checked), or if the interior is simply cut in line with all other portions of the image during the cutting process (un-checked).