Adhering smaller items


Some Silhouette America designers recommend cutting letters out backwards so that adhesive can be applied onto the backs of the letters after they've been cut but prior to being removed from the cutting mat. Once adhesive has been placed onto the back of the letters, they can then be simply pulled off the cutting mat and placed onto the desired surface.

How To

To utilize this trick, you may do the following:

Set up text as desired Right-click on the text Select to Mirror Horizontally (This will flip your text to a mirror image and cut your letters out backwards) Proceed to cut the job After the text has been cut out, take your preferred adhesive (prior to pulling the cut letters off the mat) and apply as desired Take the letters (which now already have adhesive applied on the back) and transfer them from the cutting mat directly onto the intended project

When using this tip with a textured surface material (such as textured cardstock), you may wish to place your cardstock textured side down onto the cutting mat prior to cutting so that the letters have the textured side on their fronts.

Note: This tip is only works for papers or cardstocks that do not already have their own adhesive backing