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Cutting Fabric

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Open design in Silhouette Studio®.

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Cut a piece of fabric that is larger than your design. Cut a piece of fabric stabilizer that is the same size as your material.

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Iron together the back side of the fabric with the rough side of the fabric stabilizer.

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Let your fabric and stabilizer cool. Trim off any excess fabric on the edges.

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Put your fabric on your cutting mat with the right side of the fabric facing up.

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In the Send panel, choose “Fabric” as your material type. Send your design to your Silhouette. Use a fabric blade to get the cleanest cut.

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Unload your design and remove it from the mat.

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If you used Fusible Fabric Stabilizer, you can now iron your cut fabric onto whatever surface you are working with. If you used Cut and Sew fabric stabilizer, your fabric is ready to sew. If you used Wash Away, wash your fabric with soap and water and then let it dry.


Note: To cut fabric, you will need to apply some type of fabric stabilizer. Fabric is not rigid enough on its own to cut, even with a cutting mat. We offer three types of fabric stabilizers — clean cut, cut and sew, and wash away.