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Ink/Metal Stippling

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Open your design in Silhouette Studio®. In the Page panel, change your page to “Curio (emboss)” if you are using your Curio or whichever page settings match the material you are using with your CAMEO.

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Go to the Stipple Trace section in the Stipple panel and select “Select Stipple Area.” Drag a box around the image, choose a stipple style, and apply.

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In the Send Panel, choose the material type you are going to stipple. In this example, we will stipple on cardstock. As an action choose “Stipple” and as a tool choose “Sketch pen”.

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Insert a sketch pen or a pen with the pen holder into the tool holder. If using the Curio, place material on the embossing mat and hold it down with material fasteners. Otherwise, place material on a cutting mat. Load your material. Click “Start” in the Send tab. Watch the Silhouette stipple!


Unload the mat and remove your project.

NOTE: Metal stippling only applies to the Curio. Ink stippling can apply to either the Curio or the CAMEO 3.