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Create your design in Silhouette Studio®.

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Load your template material into your Silhouette. In the Send panel, choose “Rhinestone Template Material.” Cut out your design.

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Peel the black material off of the white. It works best to do it quickly.

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The black material is your template. Add it to your rhinestone backing board.

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Pour your rhinestones onto your design.

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Gently brush the rhinestones into the template holes. Use the Pick-Me-Up® tool to place individual rhinestones.

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Once you have all of your rhinestones positioned face-up in your template, cover the design with a piece of transfer tape. Press firmly to adhere all of the rhinestones.

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Lift your rhinestones attached to the transfer tape and position them on your project.

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Place a cloth over the design and iron your rhinestones into place. Your iron should be on the “wool” setting and you should hold it for 45-60 seconds.

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Remove the cloth and the transfer tape.

Tip: Turn your project inside out (if you can) and iron the back side of your design. It will help your glue stick better.


Do not resize rhinestone designs. Each tiny circle will fit an individual rhinestone.

Depending on your version of Silhouette Studio®, you will have different rhinestone options. With Basic Edition, you will need to use a rhinestone design from the Design Store. With Designer Edition, you have options to create your own design using the Rhinestone icon. With Designer Edition Plus, you have access to Advanced Rhinestones, which opens up many more possibilities.