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Dual Carriage

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Open your design in Silhouette Studio®. Make sure your design is ungrouped so that certain lines may be assigned to certain tools. Go to the Line Style panel and change the color of either the outline or the design.

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Load your first tool into Tool 1 of the carriage holder (the holder on the left).

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Repeat for your second tool into Tool 2 on the right.

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Place your material on your mat and load it.

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Go to the Send panel and Choose Action by: Line. Select your material and assign which lines you want to cut (or sketch) with which tools. To do this, select which colors of your design will do what action with either Tool 1 or Tool 2. (We have Tool 1 performing the sketch for the red line. Tool 2 is cutting the blue line.) Send your design to your Silhouette.

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Unload your project when it is finished with both actions.