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Third-party Machine Products Policy


Silhouette cutting machines are precision instruments. Machine tools and accessories offered by Silhouette that are used with Silhouette machines (such as blades,  mats, and other tools that fit into the machine) have been specifically designed to work properly with Silhouette machines and are the only tools and accessories Silhouette can endorse and provide support for.

Silhouette is aware of a number of alternative machine tools and accessories that are offered by other companies. These include various blades, cutting mats, and other tools or accessories that claim to work with a Silhouette machine. 

Silhouette is not able to support concerns resulting from the use of 3rd party machine components not created by Silhouette.

The use of alternative cutting mats, blades, or other tools and accessories that claim to work with the Silhouette machine cannot be guaranteed by Silhouette to work, and may in fact harm Silhouette machines either immediately or over time. The use of alternate machine products is neither supported nor advised, and can in fact void the machine warranty.

We advise Silhouette customers to avoid the use of alternative machine tools and accessories accordingly and encourage customers to use only supported Silhouette machine products.

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