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Spell check feature

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The Silhouette Studio® software (V3.0 and higher) provides a spell check feature when creating text using the Text tool.

When the system detects an unknown word and assumes a mis-spelling, a blue line will appear under the word in question.

You can access the the Spelling panel by either of the following methods:

  • Right-click on the word
  • Go to Edit Spelling menu option

The right-click method will provide the top found recommended results in the top of the right-click list. If selected, the word in question will simply be adjusted to the chosen word in the list. Otherwise, you may select the Spelling option in the right-click menu.

Once in the Spelling panel, you will find a potentially larger listing of suggestions. From here you may select the desired corrected word and click on Replace. You can also click Previous or Next to toggle between additional problem words that may have been found.

Advanced Options will allow you to do the following:

  • Enable/disable Automatic Spellchecking
  • Select an alternate dictionary for your preferred available language (please note that not all software program languages are currently availble)
  • Add new words to be recognized going forward
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