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Silhouette unit not powering on

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Issue Description

There is no power to the Silhouette unit when attempting to power on the Silhouette.


The following concerns may cause the Silhouette to not power on properly:

  • The power cord is not plugged into a power outlet
  • The input that plugs into the Silhouette unit is not firmly connected
  • The power cord is plugged into a power strip, but the power strip is not turned on
  • The AC adapter is not plugged firmly into the power cord (the connection between the two cord parts)
  • There is a concern with the power outlet in use
  • The AC adapter and/or power cord has a fault
  • The Silhouette unit has an internal fault

Please attempt the following in order to troubleshoot and find the source of the concern:

  1. Check the connections from the Silhouette to the power outlet making sure that the power cord is plugged firmly into the power outlet and that the input that plugs into the Silhouette unit is firmly connected
  2. If using a power strip, ensure that the power strip is powered on
  3. Plug in the power cord to an alternate power source in order to ensure the concern is not specific to the outlet in use
  4. Disconnect the power cord and AC adapter from the Silhouette and then remove the power cord (part with the plug) from the AC adapter (the part with the box that plugs into the Silhouette machine itself), and then plug them back together ensuring they are fully and securely connected

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