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Silhouette Machine Not Powering On

If your Silhouette machine is not powering on, please check the following points to find the source of the concern:

1. Ensure the power button has been pressed firmly

If the machine is not powering on, sometimes the power button has simply not been pressed firmly.

2. Check the connections

Next, you'll want to check the connections to make sure that the power cord is firmly connected at all points. You can do the following to check all connection points:

  • Completely unplug the power cord from the Silhouette machine and then firmly plug it back into the machine.
  • Remove the plug from the wall or power strip and then firmly plug it back into place.
  • If using a power strip, double-check to ensure the power strip is powered on.

3. Try an alternate power source

In order to rule out the power source as the concern, try plugging the power cord into an alternate outlet that is known to work with another device.

4. Make sure you are using the correct power cord

Alternate power cords or adapters are not guaranteed to be compatible with Silhouette machines. If you are not using the original Silhouette power cord, please swap back to the original cord. If you do not have the original cord, you may opt to purchase a new replacement power cord.

5. Contact Silhouette Support

If continued concerns are met contact our support team and confirm what steps have already been taken.

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