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About Silhouette Go™

Silhouette Go™ is a mobile application offered by Silhouette for use with Bluetooth enabled cutting machines. This application allows you to send jobs directly from your mobile device to a Silhouette cutting machine.

Click here for further information on Silhouette Go™.

Silhouette Go™ is now available to the general public for open Beta testing. This means anyone with an Apple mobile device or Android mobile device is welcome to try out the application.

To access Silhouette Go Beta on iOS (Apple) devices:

  1. If you do not already have Test Flight, click here to download and install it now
  2. Once Test Flight is installed, click here to install Silhouette Go on the Test Flight app
  3. Follow the instructions found on the Test Flight page

You can find more help and support on how to use TestFlight here.  

To access Silhouette Go Beta on Android devices:

  1. Click here or search for 'Silhouette Go' on the Google Play Store
  2. Once you are on the Silhouette Go listing, scroll down to find the 'Beta' section
  3. Tap the 'Join' link
  4. You can now install Silhouette Go

For more information on Beta testing with Android applications, please visit Google's support page.  

NOTICE: While you are welcome to test during this open Beta phase, please be advised that Silhouette is unable to provide assistance to help set up or support Beta version applications. We appreciate your understanding!

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