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Silhouette Cloud

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What is the Silhouette Cloud?

Cloud is the term for a computer server that stores your data in an offsite location and syncs it to your devices so that all of them are up to date with the latest content, file structure, etc. You may likely already be using a Cloud system with other services you use (such as iTunes®, Apple’s iCloud®, DropBox®, Google® Drive, etc).

The Silhouette Cloud allows you to share Silhouette Design Store files, your own files (optional), and your folder structures between devices. 

After updating to the Cloud version of the Silhouette Studio® software, the program will initially sync your library with the Cloud. Thereafter, an active internet connection is not required for the use of library images. All content purchased from the Silhouette Design Store, once downloaded, is stored locally on the your computer along with any of your own content. 

As with previous versions of Silhouette Studio®, an internet connection is required to download newly purchased content and to recover (sync) images to a new device. Additionally, an internet connection is required to sync changes made to Cloud library structures or to upload/download your own content from the Cloud. Any changes made to Cloud Library folders or uploads initiated while offline will await an active internet connection to sync.

Within the library, there will be sections for the Local (non-synced) content and Cloud (synced) content. Upon initial update, any content purchased from the Silhouette Design Store, and their accompanying folders, will be moved into the Cloud User section of the library. Any of your own designs which you have saved to the library will remain within the Local User section and will not sync unless moved to the Cloud User section.

Do I have to update Silhouette Studio®?

The current posted version of Silhouette Studio® includes Silhouette Cloud. This will allow you to take advantage of the Cloud storage features.

Can I use images from my Cloud Library offline?

Yes! When using Silhouette Studio® from a desktop computer, once your Cloud Library images are synced, you may use any library content offline. You do not have to be connected to the Internet to use your images. Your images are yours. The Cloud Library simply syncs your experience between your devices in order to retain your library folder structure and quickly and easily share your content between computers and devices.

In other words, you don't have to be online to use the library on your computer. You would only need to be connected to the internet for the initial upload of the library and for any syncing you'd like to perform.

When using Silhouette Studio® Mobile from a mobile device (such as a smart phone or tablet), an internet connection is required to access content. This ensures memory is not taken up on your mobile device

Do I still need to use the Recovery feature to get a copy of new purchases onto another computer?

No! Once you have the Silhouette Cloud Library set up on your various computers and devices, your new purchases (including which folder you may have sorted it into) will appear on your other devices. Again, this requires an initial internet connection to download the content (just like the older library), but thereafter the image is stored on your other computers where the new purchase was synced.

No more need to use recoveries for new purchases. The Cloud Library takes care of putting your purchased content onto all of your devices!

What if my computer crashes? Do I still need to use the recovery feature with the Cloud Library?

With the older library, it was necessary to recover all of your content if you experienced a computer crash. This was only able to recover any purchased content from the Silhouette Design Store.

Since the Cloud Library syncs your library when there is an active internet connection, if your computer crashes, you no longer need to use the recovery feature. You may simply open the Silhouette Studio® software, ensure you have an internet connection, and your library as you'd previously set it up will be recovered.

This not only includes all of the content from your Cloud Library, but also your folder structure and how you sorted all of your images into any custom folders. This would also include any of your own content you may have selected to store in the Cloud Library, so we've now got you backed up more than ever before with the Cloud!

Does Silhouette have access to my personal files I choose not to sync to the Cloud?

Asolutely not. They're yours and we never see them unless you sync them to the Cloud. And if you do sync them, they're still yours. Silhouette only stores them for you.

How often does the Cloud connect to the Internet?

Aside from the initial sync of the library (timing depending on the size of your library and purchased content), the Cloud will sync to our servers only when changes are made to the library.

You can control when you are connected. If you wish to close all internet connection activity with the Cloud Library, you may simply sign out of any active Cloud user account in the library by right-clicking on the account name.

You will still have access to the library (use purchased designs, create designs, make new folders, etc) offline. However, the changes will not be synced until you opt to sign back in to the Cloud Library account.

Is there a limit to how much I can store in the Cloud?

There is no storage limit for Silhouette Design Store purchased content.

If you opt to sync your own images to the Cloud, there is a 1 GB limit offered free of charge for all users. Silhouette Design Store Subscribers and members of Club Silhouette have a 5 GB limit.

No special action is required for Silhouette Design Store subscription holders and Club Silhouette members to activate the increased limit. The Cloud Library will automatically be adjusted to the higher limit for those who apply.

Can I opt out of the Cloud with the new version?

No. If you do not wish to use the Cloud, you may stay on an older version of Silhouette Studio.

What if I encounter a problem setting up my Cloud library?

Please click here for further help on Silhouette Cloud concerns.

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