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The Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software (V3.0 and higher) provides a Shadow tool, which takes an image and gives it a single duplicated offset image of itself behind the original in a lighter color in order to create a shadowed effect. This feature is primarily intended for printing purposes and use with print & cut jobs. To access the Shadow tool, you can go to the Object > Shadows menu option, or click on the Shadow icon located along the upper right-hand side of the software screen:



Once the Shadow panel is opened, you may click on an image to have it selected and then click on a Type to apply the intended Shadow option.

Off - This is the default for all images. It means that there is no shadow.

Dynamic - This will turn on the shadow effect and provide an offset shadow. If the image is rotated, the shadow will likewise rotate around with the object in a dynamic matter.

Fixed - This will turn on the shadow effect and provide an offset shadow. If the image is rotated, the shadow will be fixed and stay in its original place.

Pan Shadow - The Pan Shadow option will provide a control point in the center of the image that can be grabbed to pan the shadow into an alternate positioning. This can be done manually by grabbing and panning the shadow around, or by entering a new X/Y coordinate value for the shadow.

Release Shadow - The option to "Release Shadow" will make the shadow no longer tied to the original image. It makes the shadow into its own image.

Shadow Color - The Shadow Color options allow for the re-coloring of the shadow to any desired color. This can be changed by dragging to the intended color on the pallette chart, or entering a custom HSL, RGB, or Hexcode value.

Transparency - The Transparency slider will control how transparent or opaque you wish the shadow to appear.

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