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Rhinestone tips

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You may click here for instructions on using rhinestones.

A few other tips & tricks for rhinestones are as follows:

Templates with mixed sizes

When using rhinestone patterns with multiple sized holes, start with the larger sized rhinestones first. They will be able to be brushed into place without filling in smaller holes. You may then brush smaller sized rhinestones into place without worry of them falling into the larger holes.

Templates with multiple colors

If using a pattern where you would like to use multiple colored rhinestones, if there are only a few which require a special alternate color, you may wish to first fill in all of the primary color and then pick out the one or two rhinestones by hand to replace them with an alternate color.

You can alternately cover part of your pattern with a layer of scotch tape and fill all of the rest of the uncovered holes with your primary color. You can then remove the scotch tape in sections to fill in with other colors so that they fall into their desired places.

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