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Proxy settings

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A proxy or proxy server is basically another computer which serves as a hub through which internet requests are processed. By connecting through one of these servers, the computer sends requests to the proxy server which processes them on your behalf. In this way it serves as an intermediary between your home machine and the rest of the computers on the internet.

Proxies are used for a number of reasons such as to filter web content, to go around restrictions such as parental blocks, to screen downloads and uploads and to provide anonymity when surfing the internet. Schools and educational facilities may often use a proxy.

When using a proxy, the ability to properly connect to the Silhouette Design Store and Silhouette server may be blocked. For this purpose, the Silhouette Studio® software provides an option to connect through a proxy server. If there is no concern with connection, it is recommended to leave the proxy settings alone as the software will automatically handle the connection for you.

If needed, proxy settings can be adjusted as follows:

  1. Open Silhouette Studio®
  2. Go to the Edit menu
  3. Go to Preferences
  4. Go to the Advanced section
  5. Under Proxy Settings, select the "User Defined" option
  6. Enter your IP Address and Port information

If you do not know this information, please speak with your system administrator or individual who has set up the proxy connection for your computer network.

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