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Sale Terms & Conditions

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This sale ends Sunday, March 31, 2019 at 11:59 PM MST. Promotional bundles and other promotional pricing are only offered during this period.

Silhouette America is running a sale on its website at Special promotional bundles and promotional pricing on select products will be offered during the promotional sale period. Except for those listed under the Excluded Product section below in these Terms & Conditions, all other Silhouette products available through will be discounted at a rate of 30% off during the promotional sale period when using the promotion code at checkout.

Discounts will only available with a valid promotion code at checkout. Orders submitted without a valid promotion code will not be honored at promotional pricing. These offers may not be combined with any other offers or discounts, unless you are a member of Club Silhouette. Club Silhouette membership pricing perks may be combined with the promotional sale pricing.

All deals are subject to availability only while supplies last. Quantities may be limited. Rain checks are not available. All promotional pricing and special promotional bundles are available only at

The following products do not apply to the Sale Promotion and are not eligible for any additional discount beyond their listed pricing under the terms of this sale promotion: Silhouette hobby machines, Silhouette machine bundles, other special bundles, software, website gift cards, Club Silhouette memberships, downloads, commercial licenses, download cards, and Silhouette Design Store subscriptions.

Shipping terms may be found in the Website Terms of Use at

For a full listing of all general website Terms & Conditions, please visit

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