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The Silhouette does offer the print & cut feature when using registration marks. Print & cut jobs are those where you design a project in print format in the Silhouette program with cut lines associated. After designing your print images and cut lines in the program, you would then print your job to your regular printer. Once you have your printed image, you would then take your printed paper and feed it into the Silhouette to find all cut lines defined in your job to cut them out. The Silhouette's optic scanner will automatically find the registration marks on your printed paper and know where to cut according to where these registration marks have been placed.

How To

Some images offered by Silhouette America are print & cut images. These are images that appear to have cut lines with filled in color images. You may also import images to cut out around associated cut lines. These types of images are designed to be used in the following manner:

  1. Create a new file
  2. Place your print & cut image in your workspace and size it as desired
    NOTE: If you have imported your own image that does not already have cut lines associated, you will need to create cut lines using the Trace feature
  3. Click on the Registration Marks icon located along the upper right-hand tool bar
  4. Click on Show Reg Marks
    There should now be photo-corner type marks on three corners of the workspace. These are Registration Marks which are intended to be printed so that the Silhouette's optic scanner can locate them and know accordingly where your cut lines are associated around your printed image.
  5. Print your job to your regular printer by clicking on the Print icon
    NOTE: When you print your project, the actual cut lines are not printed. This is because your printer only sees "print information" while your Silhouette only sees "cut information".
  6. Load your material
  7. Go to the Send to Silhouette screen as you would normally to cut
  8. The program will walk you through the process to continue to detect the registration marks
  9. After finding all Registration Marks, proceed to cut

The Silhouette should then go through the normal cutting process and find all cutting data in order to trace and cut out around the printed image according to where the cut lines were defined (usually traced against the printed image).

A video showing this process is found below:



The following tips may be helpful in ensuring this process is successful:

  • Load your paper onto the cutting mat exactly as displayed on your screen
  • Make sure your cutting mat is sticky and holding your paper in place properly to ensure alignment is exact
  • Make sure your material does not have any ripples in order to avoid issues with alignment
Additional Information

Further instruction on performing a print & cut job may be found at the following locations:

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