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Manipulating text in Silhouette Studio®

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The Silhouette Studio® software offered by Silhouette America® can utilize most any font installed on your computer that can otherwise be seen in word processing programs. You do not need to download these into the software. Fonts installed in your computer's Fonts directory will show up as an available option for cutting letters once the Silhouette software is opened. Please note that some fonts may not be designed for optimal cutting, so we cannot guarantee that every font style will cut well with the Silhouette.

To use your fonts, click on the Text cursor tool located on the left-hand side of the software screen. Clicking this will allow you to place a text cursor onto your workspace and begin typing directly onto the screen.

The red blinking line is your cursor to show where you are typing. You may back up or move forward by either clicking your mouse or using your computer's right and left arrow keys. The surrounding green box is your text box. This box may be adjusted by clicking and holding the black bar on the right edge of the text box. Dragging this bar to the left will allow you to wrap your text. Dragging this bar to the right will allow you to bring text back toward being on a single linear path. You may double-click or click outside of the text to exit the Text Editing Mode. You may return at any time to re-edit any words or letters by double-clicking again on your created text.

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