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How to replace the Crosscutter (Cameo 4 series)


To replace the Crosscutter on the Cameo 4 series, please do the following:

  1. Turn your machine around to face the back of the machine
  2. Make sure that the crosscutter levers are in the UP position
  3. Find the outline of the crosscutter cartridge
    NOTE: This is a long rectangular shape that is inserted in the machine that runs the width of the machine
  4. On the upper right and left-hand corners, press the tabs downward at the same time and pull forward
    ⚠ NOTE: The tabs are different from the levers that lower the crosscutter blade into position
  5. Remove the crosscutter cartridge from the machine, including the rectangular frame and crosscutter blade
  6. Take the new crosscutter cartridge and blade with the tabs pointing upward and press it into same place where the original cartridge was removed.
    ⚠ NOTE: Angle the cartridge so that the bottom goes in first, and then press the top until it clicks into place
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