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Eye dropper tool (Designer Edition)

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The Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition provides the ability to apply image attributes from one image to another quickly by the use of an eye dropper tool.



The eye dropper tool is located on the left-hand side of the screen below the erasor and knife tools:

To access this feature in the Designer Edition you will need to at least have one image with desired attributes (fill color. fill gradient, fill pattern, line color, line style, and/or line thicness) and another image that you would like to apply these attributes on to. An example is shown below where the image on the left is the one with special attributes we wish to transfer from and the image on the right is the one we wish to transfer these attributes to:

Once you have your images ready, you will begin by selecting the image you wish to change and transfer the attributes onto:

You may then click on the eye dropper tool to have this tool selected. Once you have the eye dropper tool selected, you may then simply click onto the image which has the attributes you wish to copy from. Upon clicking on this image, the attributes will be immediatly transferred and applied onto the desired image.

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