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Design View vs. Media Layout View (Business Edition)

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Silhouette Studio® Business Edition provides a different view option to enable users to view both the original Design View of how images are laid out from a design aspect and a Media Layout View of how lines are processed to actually appear in the resulting cut job. While the traditional "what you see is what you get" Design View can be utilized and jobs processed in this manner when using the Business Edition, there is an additional option to change to the Media Layout View in order to maximize efficiency of laying out designs to be cut on specialty materials commonly used in business settings.

This side-by-side view capability provides access to further Business Edition features, such as Matrix Copy options, Media Layout Nesting, and Tiling.

When running the Business Edition version, you will find two Layout modes shown in the upper right-hand side of the screen:


Design View

Selecting this option will put the software into the traditional single pane view and have objects cut out as they have been placed in their original design.

Media Layout View

Selecting this option will provide a side-by-side view of your original layout (Design View on the left-hand side of the screen), and a vew of the way your job will be processed to cut to your media, or material that is being cut (Media Layout View on the right-hand side of the screen).

An example is shown below:

The Media Layout View will allow users access to further Business Edition tools to enable maximum media efficiency and convenience of laying the job out for optimal cutting.

When running in the Media Layout View, you may adjust both the sizing of your original Design View in order to have your layout reflect how you want the final product of your project to appear, and can additionally adjust the media size of the actual material size being cut as shown in the Media Layout View. It is important to note the differences in that the left-hand side showing the Design View is a view of your intended final project and how it will be assembled whereas the Media Layout View shows how the cut will be processed on your media/material that is being cut.

To adjust the Design View, you may go to the Design Page Settings, as you normally would when adjusting your workspace size.

To adjust the Media Layout View, you may go to the Media Layout Settings, which will determine the actual media or material size that is being cut. This option is only displayed when running in the dual layout mode found in the Business Edition.


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