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Cutting vertical line only (motor not moving side-to-side)

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While the cutting mat or material is moved in and out through the Silhouette, motor does not move side-to-side during the cutting action resulting in the Silhouette only cutting a vertical line.

The following can cause this concern:

  • The motor is stuck (generally due to unremoved packing tape)
  • The original USB cord (8 ft USB cord) supplied with the Silhouette is not in use
  • There is not a direct connection between the Silhouette and the computer tower/laptop (i.e. the USB cord is being run through a hub, USB extention cord, through a monitor or keyboard USB port, etc)

The following points may be checked in exploring this concern:

  • Lift the Silhouette's lid and remove any blue translucent tape that is connecting the motor to the body of the unit or appearing anywhere on the blade carrier.
  • Perform the following steps:
  1. Power off the Silhouette
  2. Lift the Silhouette's lid
  3. Manually push the motor all the way to the left of the machine
  4. Manually push the motor all the way to the right of the machine
  5. Power the Silhouette back on
  • Ensure that the original USB cord is in use. If there is not a direct connection, change the connection of the cord from the USB hub (or other indirect connection) and connect it directly to the computer's tower USB port or laptop USB port.
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