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Cutting mat drifting during cutting operation

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The cutting mat is drifting during the cutting operation and is not held in place properly by both of the white pinch rollers.

This concern is caused by one of the of the following:

  • The cutting mat was not loaded properly
  • The right-hand pinch roller is not locked into place
  • The pinch rollers are not in the correct position for the size mat or material is use

During the loading process, line up the mat with the small guide mark on the far left side of the machine. The guide mark is blue, in newer models, to show where the edge of the mat should be aligned against.

Also check that the right-hand roller is locked into place by having the while lock lever pointing upward, and that the right-hand pinch roller appears to be fully gripping the edge of the right-hand side of the mat and firmly in the locked position.

If using a material size that is smaller on the 12x12 cutting mat, please note that it is still necessary to have the pinch roller in the default position for the 12x12 mat (rather than adjusting the right-hand pinch roller over to the left for a smaller page size).



If the issue continues, please contact us at Sending a video of the loading process, as well as the mat sliding during use, is very helpful to expedite support.

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