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Cutting mat adhesive issues

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The cutting mat is either not holding materials on the mat well enough OR is too sticky and not releasing materials properly (i.e. resulting cut images are difficult to remove from the mat).

If not holding material well enough, causes may include the following:

  • Cutting mat's liner has not yet been removed (if never used and mat surface is not sticky at all)
  • Using a material that is not conducive to the cutting mat (overly "linty" and so cannot be held well enough)
  • Mat is older and adhesive has worn down
  • Mat adhesive defective

If the mat is too sticky, causes may include the following:

  • Using a material that is not conducive to the cutting mat (too delicate and so is torn upon removal or too difficult to remove from mat)
  • Mat is new and so adhesive is still more aggressive
  • Mat adhesive defective

If the cutting mat is not holding your material well enough during the cutting process, you will want to first confirm the mat's liner has been removed. If the mat is brand new and has never been previously used, then it is possible the liner has simply not yet been removed.

Otherwise, we would recommend cleaning the mat between uses to ensure there are no fibers or other materials which cause papers or other materials to not be gripped as well. We have had reports from some customers who have reported using a disposable lint roller to clean these fibers or other pieces from their mats between usage works quite well. While this will not apply a new adhesive coating to the mat, it should ensure that the cutting mat is clean.

In addition to cleaning the mat, it is vital to replace the cutting mat's liner on top of the sticky surface when not in use. If left uncovered while not in use, the mat's adhesive surface may collect dust or other particles.

You may also want to review what material type is in use. If you are using a specialty material type (such as construction paper, handmade paper, or cardstock that has a high fiber strand make-up, etc) you may wish to explore the use of an alternate material known to work with the cutting mat.

Finally, if your mat is older and no longer holding materials well during the cutting process, you may simply need to replace your cutting mat.

If the cutting mat is too sticky, you may want to review your material type in use. While many materials cat be used with the Silhouette and placed onto the cutting mat, we are aware that some materials may not perform as well and may have a more delicate nature to rip or tear upon attempted removal. As the mat is initial fairly sticky, you may wish to take the mat prior to initial use and "relax" it a bit by placing it on a surface that is not overly linty but which would allow the adhesive to be less aggressive (such as jeans or denim material).

However, even as such, some materials may simply be too delicate (such as tissue paper or newspaper). Such material types simply cannot be cut successfully since they cannot be held in place properly by the cutting mat and then successfully removed.

As a recommendation, you may wish to explore the Spatula tool. This tool can aid in the removal of certain more delicate materials and cut out items from the mat.

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