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Creating cutting frames for sketch images

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Most sketch images are intended to be used with sketch pens only. They are not designed to have an accompanying cut out mat or frame. However, steps can be taken to convert the sketch image to have an accompanying mat or frame.

In order to create an outer frame to cut for a sketch image (so you can sketch something and then cut it out) you may do the following:

  1. Open the desired sketch image and select it
  2. Go to the Offset tool menu
  3. Create an Offset effect for the selected sketch image so that a mat or frame is created
  4. Once you have this outer frame, go to the Cut Style menu (the icon that looks like scissors cutting a red line)
  5. Select the outer frame created
  6. Click on the No Cut option (this will have the outer frame line ignored)
  7. Proceed to send the job to be sketched with the desired sketch pen
  8. Upon completion of the sketching process, do not touch the material or make any adjustments
  9. Remove the sketch pen from the Silhouette and replace it with the blade
  10. Go back to the Cut Style menu
  11. Turn the outer frame line to Cut and the sketch image to No Cut
  12. Proceed to cut the outer frame of the image around the sketched image
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