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Becoming a Silhouette Partner


Silhouette works with various companies and individuals who contribute content in the Silhouette Design Store. This is referred to as our Contributing Artist Program

You may click here to apply to become a Contributing Artist.

If you are a business and are interested in carrying Silhouette products to be sold in your store or through your website, please send an email with your information to

Silhouette works with various companies and influencers, many of whom run blogs in various industries or areas of interest related to Silhouette. This is referred to as our Blog Affiliate Program.

If you wish to learn more about our Blog Affiliate Program, please contact

Silhouette offers an Educator Discount Program for Silhouette products purchased directly from our website. This may apply to teachers, schools, and qualifying educational facilities. To qualify, you must provide a valid teaching certificate or 501(c)(3) form.

Please click here for further information on our Educator Discount Program.

Silhouette offers a program called the Silhouette Handmade Program targted to small business owners who use Silhouette products for their business. This program provides a discount on Silhouette products purchased directly from our website for US/Canada individuals with an online business platform, such as a website or Etsy store, where Silhouette products are used to create their handmade items that are sold. This program does require information to be submitted for verification and approval.

Please click here for further information on our Silhouette Handmade Program,

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