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Authorized Distributor



As a leading manufacturer of quality electronic cutting devices and supporting products, Silhouette America® is dedicated to helping customers obtain genuine, manufacturer-warranted quality products and materials. In an effort to ensure that the materials you receive are genuine Silhouette products, we offer an Authorized Distributor Program.

The Authorized Distributor Program provides peace of mind that you are purchasing materials through an authorized supplier, and that products offered from this source have been obtained directly from Silhouette America, have been handled according to industry quality standards, and can be confirmed as genuine Silhouette products.

Silhouette America® hereby certifies that is an Authorized Distributor for Silhouette products, is in good standing, and is permitted to market and sell genuine Silhouette products using the Silhouette logo, official product names, and utilize other official trademarks held by Silhouette America®.

Spencer Livingston

Director of North America Sales

Silhouette America, Inc.

618 North 2000 West, Lindon, UT 84042

(801) 983-8937