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cutting mat instructions
Silhouette cutting mats are available in several sizes. Be sure that you select the correct mat from the ‘Page Tools' window in Silhouette Studio® before beginning your project.
Silhouette cutting mats are printed with a 1-inch grid pattern for easy material positioning and alignment. Ensure that the material on your mat is positioned to correspond with the display in Silhouette Studio® before cutting.
When loading a cutting mat into your Silhouette, align the mat with the white rollers, select ‘Load Cutting Mat' from the digital display, and press ‘ ENTER' (the Silhouette Portrait® has a ‘Load Cutting Mat' button instead of a digital display).
To extend the life of your mat, avoid using materials with loose fibers (such as construction paper) and always replace the cutting mat liner when not in use.
Use the Silhouette scraper to remove small remnants from your cutting mat. Simply set the mat on a flat area and push the scraper across the surface to remove pieces from the mat.